About BalooSocial

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So let us introduce ourselves – BalooSocial – all about ATTRACT – CONNECT – INTERACT. It is smart and unique.

We all want to see more people on our social pages and more interaction especially when this flow is an organic one. We have started to work on this social media tool when we noticed how restaurant, café, store owners are trying diverse methods to interact with their clients, engage them in special promotions in their business environment attracting clients to join their social pages. Something like this peace of “ad” in one of California based Gelato places.



Of course, this is a right and clever strategy! Where else can we find the best target audience, rather than where you do your business. Therefore, we came to an idea to digitalize this strategy supporting both business and the clients, as today our everyday life is all about digital devices and digital platforms. Besides we have developed the idea and found some other interesting tricks for attracting new followers and likers.

We’ve created a simple smart soft – naming it BalooSocial, a kind Bear helping his friends. BalooSocial has two separate tools for Instagram – #InstaBaloo and for Facebook – LikeCounter, though you may have also Combo.

How to use?